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We investigate attitudes towards legalization, and ask if the Americas are reaching a tipping point in the war on drugs. An Al-Jazeera special investigation with correspondent Bob Abeshouse.


Marijuana Wars, Part 1 - Al Jazeera English aired 02/27/14

Marijuana Wars, Part 2 - Al Jazeera English aired 03/06/14

Nation's educators watching new NYC mayor's moves on charter schools, Al Jazeera America, 12/26/2013

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For years, City Hall enticed charters with incentives of free rent and opportunities to quickly expand. But, despite higher test scores and what they marketed to parents as a higher quality education than a traditional public school, charter schools have served as polarizing symbols of gentrification in the city’s low-income areas, critics say.

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Yemeni man seeks answers in US over deadly drone strike, 11/19/2013

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Faisal Ahmed bin Ali Jaber is a man on a mission to find the truth behind the drone attack that killed his relatives – and he traveled thousands of miles from his native Yemen to Capitol Hill to seek it.

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